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Three Fallen Shanks attack a player in the E3 2013 demo.

A Shank is a Fallen scout, sentry, and repair drone.[1] Shanks can be deployed from Walkers.[2]


Shanks attack in small swarms and fire small plasma cannons in short bursts. For the most part, their attacks are relatively weak. They can also boost themselves up to avoid grenades or small arms fire, but this tactic isn't used often.


Because their offensive capabilities appear to be based on attacking in numbers, individual Shanks are lightly armored and are easily destroyed. When the Epic modifier is active, Shanks have a shield that is vulnerable to Solar damage.


  • Elder Shank
  • Noble Shank (Solar shielded)
  • Sensor Shank (Patrol Mission in Old Russia, Solar shielded)
  • Pit Shank (Public Event in Cosmodrome Patrol)
  • Repeater/Turret Shank (House of Wolves, uses a shock mini-gun)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Exploder Shank (House of Wolves, will attempt to get close and explode like a Cursed Thrall)
  • Voltage Eater (Devil Splicers, Wrath of the Machine, will attempt to drain voltage from Guardians attempting to remove Vosik's shield)

Notable Shanks[]