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A Servitor is a spherical, mechanical Fallen class. Servitors can float in air and shoot purple Void blasts from their eye. A Servitor's weak point is the center of its eye.[1] They provide the Fallen's life-sustaining ether and are treated as gods by the Fallen.


Living relics of the past Fallen civilization, Servitors are highly advanced machines that can process matter and energy into the Ether that all Fallen depend on for life. They can fulfill a support role on the battlefield, but also anchor Fallen communications networks and provide technological support.

Although Servitors fulfill a vital role in Fallen society, they are integrated in a complex way. Servitors are attached to a Prime Servitor, the largest and most powerful Servitor in a Fallen House. The Prime Servitor exists in an unclear symbiosis with a Fallen Archon, who works to convey the wishes of the House's Kell to the Prime Servitor. Some recent developments suggest that Prime Servitors play a key role in Fallen space flight.[2]


In combat, Servitors act as support units to groups of Fallen, buffing up any nearby Fallen and raining powerful energy blasts from afar. They also have a tendency to teleport short distances to evade fire and throw off players' aim, so careful tracking of them is necessary. Servitors are quite resilient as well and tend to spin around to try to conceal their vulnerable eye.

Therefore, it is advised that a Servitor be the primary target in a group of Fallen, so that it can't buff up nearby units, and their powerful energy blasts don't cause any ranged grief.


Notable Servitors[]