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Sepiks Prime, later known as Sepiks Perfected, is an arch Fallen Servitor and the final boss of the strikes The Devils' Lair and Sepiks Perfected. They returned along with The Devil's Lair strike in Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2.


Sepiks Prime was the Prime Servitor of the House of Devils before it was destroyed by the Guardian and two other Guardians.

After Sepiks Prime was killed, he was recovered, rebuilt, and augmented with SIVA by the Devil Splicers to become Sepiks Perfected.[1]


The Devils' Lair[]

When Sepiks is close to a Guardian, it will fire a large vortex of energy from its eye powerful enough to kill almost instantly. It can destroy a Titan's Ward of Dawn.[2]

Sepiks also teleports (like other Servitors), making it harder to target.

Sepiks' eye is a critical hit spot. Firing on it from close range will deal more damage.[2]

Sepiks Perfected[]

In addition to its previous abilities, Sepiks Perfected has three energy shields: Arc, Solar, and Void.[3] After taking an amount of damage, Sepiks will bring up an Arc shield, rendering it immune to all damage. The shield can only be taken down using a Shock Cannon. After taking a little more damage, it will bring up a Solar shield, which can likewise only be taken down by a Scorch Cannon. Finally, after taking more damage, it will bring up a Void shield, which can only be taken down using a Null Cannon. After this, Sepiks is vulnerable to all damage until destroyed.