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Sekrion, Nexus Mind was a Vex Axis Mind that controlled and oversaw the Vex's expansion through Venus' planetary crust.[1] It takes the form of a large Hydra that uses its constant barrage of Void blasts to quickly eliminate enemies while simultaneously defending itself with its indestructible shield.


Nexus Mind[]

Sekrion's sole purpose is to make sure that the Vex expand throughout all of Venus. Sekrion uses its impressive computational capacity to coordinate the Minotaurs operating through it.[1]

Events of The Dawning[]

Two years after Sekrion's defeat, the Vex restarted their expansion throughout Venus. They rebuilt and upgraded Sekrion with a new chassis and technology from the Vault of Glass. Meanwhile, the Taken, despite Oryx's defeat a year prior, organized an invasion and attempted to take the Nexus Mind. They were either successful in taking Sekrion, or were beaten to the Nexus Mind by a Fireteam of Guardians. Regardless, it was destroyed once again.


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