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The Scorn are an undead Fallen faction of terrorists led by Uldren Sov and a group of Barons under the command of Fikrul, the Fanatic, and are the main antagonists in the story of Destiny 2: Forsaken. During the events of Forsaken, the group orchestrates a jailbreak in the Prison of Elders, located within The Reef. They are responsible for the death of Cayde-6 who, along with the Guardian were dispatched to quell the uprising.

Scorn are created by exposing a Fallen's body to Dark Ether, which corrupts them. Due to most of them being directly raised from Fallen corpses, or otherwise dying and being resurrected so many times after turning, Scorn appear much different and more grotesque than the House of Dusk Fallen seen throughout Destiny 2.


Events of Destiny 2: Forsaken[]

The Scorn are former members of the House of Exile that were forcibly removed before the events of the Red War. The house of exile was a house of fallen that lived on the moon and had very unorganised hirearchy. The scorn were started off from the 8 barons that started off as dregs and were cast out from the House of Exile, together they used teamwork to gain territory and conduct raids for more ether



The Scorn appear similar to Fallen, but trade their overall "space pirate" theme for more of a "wastelander" one. Rather than lightweight cloth or hide armor with the occasional bit of high-tech armor, the Scorn wear nothing but loincloths, straps, chains, and bits of scrap metal that are either rusted through or painted yellow; some of their armor appears to be directly bolted to their body using metal spikes or rivets. Their armor is often decorated with crude spike or razorblade-like shapes, with higher-ranking Scorn having headdresses or other apparel that resembles their insignia. Unlike the Fallen, the Scorn do not have to wear a life support system that supplies them with Ether.

As Scorn are almost entirely made up of reanimated Fallen carcasses, their bodies are often rotten or destroyed in places, their skin cracked to reveal disgusting blue-glowing boils filled with the corrupting "Dark Ether" that gives them life; extreme cases of these mutations can be seen in Ravagers, which are completely missing their heads, yet still alive, or Abominations, who resemble Hive Ogres more than any kind of known Fallen type.

Instead of limiting themselves to the typical Fallen arsenal, the Scorn instead wield variants of them that bear various modifications, usually appear more rugged and more dangerous, but less precise, with a more fire-orientated theme. Weapons the Scorn have instead designed completely by themselves are as unflattering and mundane as almost all of their technology, appearing centuries behind the cutting-edge technology that saturates most of Destiny's setting, yet being able to contend with it nonetheless. Wraiths wield nothing but a pair of Solar torches they use as maces, Lurkers also wield small torches that somehow function like pistols in addition to simple metal shields, close-range Raiders utilize automatic weapons that launched sawblades soaked in Void energy - with long-ranged "sniper" ones instead wielding Linear Fusion Rifle-like weapons that are explicitly called "crossbows" - and perhaps most prominently, their Archon, Fikrul, wields an enormous staff tipped with a blue gem that can fire Arc energy.


The Scorn are not an established House of Fallen but are considered as such due to their Baron-style leadership. Their leader is the Prince of the Reef Uldren Sov, the brother of the Awoken Queen Mara Sov. The Scorn are organized under seven powerful Barons, with a single Archon overseeing their activities.


Enemy Variants[]

  • Screeb - The frailest type of Scorn, and can easily be identified by them scuttling around on all fours, and their naked torsos that are almost completely overtaken by Dark Ether-filled boils. Their only attack is to quickly scamper up to their target and leap at them, bursting open in a powerful explosion. They fill a role similar to Fallen's Exploder Shanks.
  • Baby Screeb - A smaller version of the Screeb. As the name suggests, they have a smaller body compared to normal Screeb and can sometimes even go underground. They have the same attack pattern as the normal Screeb. This type of Scorn can only be found in the Hollowed Lair Grandmaster Nightfall. They spawn due to the Festering Rupture modifier. This modifier means that killing a Stalker will spawn mini Screebs.
  • Stalker - These resurrected Dregs wield Arc pistols and serve as the normal rank and file for the Scorn, filling similar roles in combat, but do not share the same attacks. More powerful variants that ride Scorn-modified Pikes are known as Enforcers.
  • Ravager - Weak, melee-only Scorn that wield a flaming Solar censer, either swinging it at targets like a flail or slamming it into the ground to create an explosion; due to lacking heads, their censers must be shot instead to deal precision damage. Precision final blows will cause them to explode, but not as powerfully as a Screeb. Their low health, small size and lack of ranged attacks makes them similar to Wretches.
  • Wraith - Another melee unit, Wraiths are larger and more muscular than most other Scorn, but not as tall as Chieftans. They wield two torches as if they were maces or batons, occasionally bear a Solar energy shield, and rely on their speed and the numbers of their fellow Scorn to close the distance between them and their target.
  • Raider - The most common type of Scorn, acting similar to Vandals or Marauders. Ones fighting at close range will wield weapons that rapid-fire sawblade projectiles that ricochet off surfaces, while snipers will instead wield energy "crossbows" with three arms; both of these weapons deal Void damage. Additionally, Raiders have the ability to dissolve into Dark Ether and quickly reposition themselves before turning solid again; although invisible and intangible while doing this, one can follow the cloud-like form they take as it travels along the ground.
  • Lurker - Slightly less common than most "lower" Scorn, these units are very similar to Stalkers, but wield a round metal shield for protection. Like a Cabal Phalanx, their shield is invulnerable to weapons fire, but their legs remain vulnerable.
  • Abomination - A hideous Scorn mutation, Abominations have grossly enlarged bodies with disproportionally small heads, nothing more than a lumbering wall of muscle. They fire long-range lightning blasts from their hands, alternating with each cast at a decent pace, as well as charging up an electric ground-pound with their fists if a Guardian wanders too close.
  • Chieftain - These units serve as commanders for the lesser Scorn units, analogous to the Fallen's Captains. In addition to their Arc shield, they have the ability to deploy one of three "totems," stationary constructs that constantly project an area of effect until they're destroyed or enough time passes; Solar totems project spinning flamethrowers, Arc totems will pull any nearby Guardians towards it like a Void Anchor, and Void totems will render any nearby Scorn immune to damage, like how Servitors periodically do for Fallen.
  • Scorn Walker - The Scorn variant of the Fallen Walker. Replacing the turret on its back is a large misshapen missile battery, firing a huge barrage of tracking missiles into the air, not dissimilar to the alt-fire of a Drake. Whenever one of its legs are destroyed and its engine exposed, it projects a large energy shield around it that is immune to gunfire but can be freely walked through, lasting until the Walker restarts and resumes attacking, requiring Guardians to get dangerously close to it to damage it.


  • Scorn Pike
  • Scorn Blaster
  • Scorn Pistol
  • Scorn Mine Launcher
  • Scorn Cannon
  • Scorn Repeater Pistol
  • Scorn Rifle
  • Scorn Crossbow
  • Fallen Mace
  • Flame Censor
  • Flame Torch