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The Scorch Cannon is a Fallen weapon that is wielded by certain Captains and can also be picked up and used by Guardians. It is dropped from Scorch Captains during certain missions and may be gifted by Variks in some rounds in the Prison of Elders. Each cannon holds 10 shots.

Damage from the explosion does not affect the Guardian using the weapon.


Firing it with a single trigger pull will emit a shot that will instantly explode upon contact with an enemy.

Holding down the trigger will cause the shot to instead attach to the enemy or surface it hits. The shot then charges up and increases in power in three stages. When the shot has entered the next stage of power, it makes a clicking noise, makes a higher-pitched charging sound, and becomes brighter. The shot will explode when the trigger is released or if it is charged for too long.

The cannon may be dropped by pressing the weapon switch button.


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