Scent of the Worm is a puzzle found in the Mausoleum aboard the Dreadnaught.

At one end of the area, on a balcony overlooking a large abyss, is a locked chest. The chest can only be reached by jumping across a series of invisible platforms, which must be revealed by Ghost scans. Whenever a Guardian steps onto the balcony, Blind Thrall will emerge from the ground and attack them. These enemies are immune to all damage and will continue their harassment so long as the player remains in the area.

To unlock the chest, a player must enter a hidden cave behind a hole in the wall of a small room, located on the same side of the Mausoleum as the locked chest but nearer to the crashed ship. Standing in this room will cause the player's vision to gradually become clouded, until they are granted a debuff named "Scent of the Worm." They now have one minute to run back out of the cave, cross the area, navigate the invisible platforms, and return to the chest. While the scent debuff is active, the Blind Thrall will ignore the player, leaving them free to open the chest and claim its contents.

Other members of the fireteam may assist the runner by standing on the invisible platforms, rendering them permanently visible and speeding transit.

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