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Saint-14 is an Exo Titan.[1] He is also the former Titan Vanguard. He wears the Helm of Saint-14 as well as Saint-14's Ring, and his primary weapon is the Perfect Paradox.


During the early years of The City when the Wall was still being constructed, Saint-14 launched a "crusade" on the Fallen surrounding the City.[2] At some point, he killed the last known Kell of the House of Devils, Solkis, and then left for Mercury in pursuit of Osiris.[3] He was found dead in a tomb on Mercury inside of the Infinite Forest [4] . During the events of the Season of Dawn, The Guardian helped Saint-14 during one of his first field missions fighting the Fallen, also giving Saint-14 his signature weapon, the Perfect Paradox . He later would come back after the Guardian helped bring back Saint-14's light by destroying Agioktis, Martyr Mind, before it could take away his light and kill him. After staying inside the Infinite Forest fighting the Vex, Saint-14 eventually made his escape. Returning to the Tower, Saint-14 now operates as the main contact and handler of The Trials of Osiris inside the Tower Hangar.


  • "I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock."[5]
  • "Bring the sky down upon them."[6]
  • "My name is Saint-14. They call me the greatest titan who ever lived."
  • "Pigeon Noises"


  • Saint-14 was the most beloved Guardian of the Speaker[7] and the people.[8]
    • The Speaker was so fond of Saint-14, that the Speaker adopted him as his son.[citation needed]
  • Saint-14 believed that the Darkness was a tangible alien force of immense power.[9]
  • Saint-14 has a Greek accent.[10]
  • According to the player's Ghost, Saint-14 was the first Guardian he met long before finding his Guardian.