Saint-14 is an Exo Titan.[1] He is also the former Titan Vanguard. He wears the Helm of Saint-14 as well as Saint-14's Ring, and his primary weapon is the Perfect Paradox.


During the early years of the City when the Wall was still being constructed, Saint-14 launched a "crusade" on the Fallen surrounding the City.[2] At some point, he killed the last known Kell of the House of Devils, Solkis, and then left for Mercury in pursuit of Osiris.[3] He was found dead in a tomb on Mercury inside of the Infinite Forest [4] . During the events of the Season of Dawn, the Guardian helped Saint-14 during one of his first field missions fighting the Fallen, also giving Saint-14 his signature weapon, the Perfect Paradox . He later would come back after the Guardian helped bring back Saint-14's light by destoying Agioktis, Martyr Mind, before it could take away his light and kill him. After staying inside the Infinite Forest fighting the Vex, Saint arrived in the present, returning to the Tower inside the Hanger as a vendor for bounties


  • "I have found that rarest treasure: a pragmatic Warlock."[5]
  • "Bring the sky down upon them."[6]
  • "My name is Saint-14. They call me the greatest titan who ever lived."


  • Saint-14 was the most beloved Guardian of the Speaker[7] and the people.[8]
    • The Speaker was so fond of Saint-14, that the Speaker adopted him as his son.[citation needed]
  • Saint-14 believed that the Darkness was a tangible alien force of immense power.[9]
  • Saint-14 has a Russian accent.[10]
  • According to the player's Ghost, Saint-14 was the first Guardian he met long before finding his Guardian.


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