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Sai Mota was a Hunter[1] in a fireteam led by Eris Morn tasked with the assassination of Crota. She and everyone else in the fireteam died except for Eris.[2]


The temple of Crota began to drain the light of those in the fireteam, including Mota, Eriana-3, and their respective Ghosts. The two resolved to continue into the temple regardless, chasing the Hand of Crota.[1] In the chaos of their defeat, she almost managed to escape, but was killed by Omnigul.[3]


"I'll remember the light. Will it remember me?"[4]

"Toland, stop recording this. Fine, fine. Whatever. A toast, then! To the best damned fireteam I've ever worked with. We may not be the smartest. And we may not be the bravest. But we are the dumbest! To victory!" - The night before they went down into the pit [5]


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