For the Vex Kills version of this weapon, see SUROS TSP-10 (Vex).
Suros prototype. Use against Hive targets to gather field data for the Suros research department.
― In-game description

SUROS TSP-10 is a basic pulse rifle. It can be used to increase Gunsmith reputation.


SUROS TSP-10 can be retrieved from the following activities/vendors:

Gunsmith source icon Gunsmith
Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.
The Taken King source icon The Taken King
This item requires The Taken King expansion.


SUROS TSP-10 can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

Kinetic Damage perk icon Kinetic Damage
This weapon causes kinetic damage.

Column 1Edit

Random perk icon Randomly Selected Perk
This could be one of two randomly selected perks.
SPO-26 icon SLO-12
SUROS projection sight.

Improves weapon handling.

SPO-26 icon SLO-19
SUROS irons with projection sight.

Improves weapon handling.

SPO-26 icon SPO-26
SUROS lightweight red dot sights.

Improves weapon handling.

Column 2Edit

Random perk icon Randomly Selected Perk
This could be one of nine randomly selected perks.
Extended Mag icon Extended Mag
A larger magazine.
Speed Reload icon Speed Reload
Reload this weapon quickly.
Snapshot icon Snapshot
Aiming this weapon is incredibly fast.
Quickdraw icon Quickdraw
This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
Hand Loaded icon Hand Loaded
This weapon is effective at an extended range.
Lightweight icon Lightweight
When held, this weapon grants +2 character Agility.
Single Point Sling icon Single Point Sling
Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.
Fitted Stock icon Fitted Stock
Increases weapon stability.
High Caliber Rounds icon High Caliber Rounds
Oversize rounds built to stagger targets and leave them reeling.

Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.


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