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"Affirmative, from Commander Zavala, filed accordingly."

"Begin transaction."

"Feed is strictly monitored master Cayde, I cannot engage."

"For the Vanguards."

"Good day."

"Good evening."

"Ready and waiting."

"Requisition list verified."

"Return whenever you'd like, Guardian."

"Standby, updating Hunter profiles."

"Stolen Armory items have been recovered and restored. Thank you, HQ."

"The Armory is always open to you."

"The Vanguards have many other priorities, Guardian."

"The Vanguards salute you, Guardian."

"The Vanguards thank you."

"Warlock profiles? Ah."

"Whatever you need to continue the fight, Guardian."

"What can the Vanguards supply for you?"

"You are always welcomed at the armory."