Riksis was a Fallen Archon. The Guardian faced him during the story mission Restoration.


Riksis was once an Archon of the House of Devils.[1] He would collect the skulls of dead Guardians and likely serve them to his Prime as offerings. However, after a powerful Guardian and their Ghost returned to collect a Warp Drive they had left behind their newfound jumpship, it was revealed the Drive they were searching for was already in Fallen - and most importantly, Riksis' - hands.

Riksis, along with the rest of the Fallen in Dock 13, was killed; it is said that Riksis' death resulted in great joy in The City at the time where it needed hope the most.[2]

Physical DescriptionEdit

Riksis was much larger than his Fallen brethren, due to his rank as a high Archon Priest. He looked similar to that of most Captains, but lacked a shield, something all Captains share.

Riksis wielded a powerful Shrapnel Launcher that was capable of downing Guardians in seconds, as well as a melee attack he would use only if foes got close.[3]


  • Prior to Destiny's release, Riksis' name and title was "Rixis, Archon Slayer."[3]



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