Rift is a Crucible gametype in the Destiny expansion The Taken King.[1]


Each team has a Rift at their base. A Spark spawns in a central location on the map. A Guardian must pick up the Spark and take it to the enemy team's base to destroy their Rift. Once a Guardian picks up the Spark, they have 75 seconds to score; if the spark is not scored within 75 seconds, the Spark Runner will explode. The spark runner can still use most weapons and abilities as usual during this time, but they will not be allowed to use their super. If the Spark runner is killed or if the enemy's Rift is ignited, the Spark will respawn after 20 seconds. If the Spark runner is killed just as the spark is picked up, the Spark will respawn after 10 seconds.[1]

In addition to points awarded for kills and other general actions, Spark runners earn points by gaining distance towards the enemy base (+100 points for each checkpoint reached up to a total of +500 points) and for destroying the enemy Rift (+800 points). Spark runners earn bonus points by destroying the enemy Rift facing backwards, "dunking" the Spark. The first team to reach 20,000 points wins.[1]

Tactics/Strategy Edit

  • One strategy, and a rather obvious one, is to clear any enemies in the area around the Spark before grabbing it, and then let the rest of the team clear the way for you/the Spark runner. Note that this strategy will require a rather large amount of communication between you and the team. Best results are achieved with a Fireteam.


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