The Reef Wars was a series of conflicts between the Awoken of the Reef and the Fallen House of Wolves. The Reef Wars started when Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken, attacked the House of Wolves who were on their way to support the other Fallen houses during the Battle of Twilight Gap.



The conflict started when the Kell of the House of Kings organized an attack on the Last City in order to reclaim the Great Machine. With might of the House of Devils and the House of Winter, they also sent a summons to the House of Wolves.


The Battles that took place during the Reef Wars were: the Scatter, Eos Clash,  the Battle of Lris, the Battle of Bamberga's Wrath, the Siege of Pallas, the Hildian Campaign, and the Cybele Uprising.


After the war, Mara Sov gifted Skolas to The Nine in a prisoner exchange, but some time after that he was freed by one of The Nine's agents and was given a ship. After he was freed, he found a new purpose: to unite all of the Fallen Houses to reclaim the Great Machine.


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