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The Red War was a war that lasted for 3 months between the Guardians and the Red Legion under the command of Dominus Ghaul as they assaulted the Last City and "enslaved" the (then) sleeping Traveler by encasing it in a cage to try and siphon the powers of The Light for use by Ghaul and his legionnaries.

Once the Traveler was encased, all Lightbearers ceased to have their powers and ultimately fell helpless to the onslaught brought upon The City, rendered to rubble and ashes. Most Guardians were left powerless and afraid, with Our Guardian being left with nothing left after facing Ghaul head on in a desperate attempt to fight back against Ghaul's forces by infiltrating their Main Ship, which was lead by The Vanguard with support from Amanda Holliday. The resulting "Fall of the Last City" caused ruin and devestation to all who inhabited it, with Our Guardian being left in waste and rubble, forced to flee to the outskirts of the Last City, travelling for months until they had arrived at an evac point by a bird which they had once seen in a dream, now known to be Lewis. The Guardian then meets with Hawthorne, gathering refugees in Wanderwing Jumpships to retreat to "The Farm", which would become the temporary base of operations for The Guardian during the War, meeting with Arcite 99-40 who would act as a temporary weapons Vendor, alongside Lord Shaxx who continued crucible operations from his place in the farm.


Fall of the last city

Retaking of the last city


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