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File:Destiny 20.png|[[Fallen]] [[Devil Walker]], a public event [[boss]] in [[Old Russia]].
File:Devwalk.jpg|[[Fallen]] [[Devil Walker]], a public event [[boss]] in [[Old Russia]].

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A Public Event is a global minigame in Destiny, where local players may participate in a game-determined objective in order to defend zones from enemies and earn loot.[1] Public Events appear to be randomized and can occur at anytime anywhere in Destiny, where multiple fireteams may participate in combating waves of enemies before encountering a boss.

Fallen Assault

Fallen Assault was the first example of a Public Event which was featured at Destiny's live demo during the Sony press conference at E3 2013. The event included multiple waves of Fallen enemies before having a Fallen Devil Walker was dropped into the field.[1]



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