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Psions are a Psionic race enslaved by the Cabal.[1] Psions are smaller than the Cabal, and use their mental powers to confront their enemies and pilot the massive vehicles they use.[1]

In combat, Psions utilize standard rifles, and are physically weaker than their Cabal brethren, but make up for it with a smaller frame, greater agility, and powerful shockwave attacks that can deal heavy damage.


In regular combat, Psions present a threat equal to or less than that of standard Legionaries. Their thinner armor means they take more damage than a full-fledged Cabal unit, even on higher difficulties, and they can easily be dispatched with a few center of mass shots or a well-placed headshot. They only become a threat if the Epic modifier is active, which grants them a Void shield.

Although they are physically weak, Psions are no pushovers. When they begin to glow and float slightly, they will release a shockwave attack. This move is extremely powerful, reducing even the best Guardians to critical health by simply being near the blast. It has a medium range, and can go through solid cover, meaning the only true way to avoid this attack is to either back up several paces, or run a good distance to the side. Therefore, it's advised that when they begin to signal this attack, either use this opportunity to dispatch them quickly, or move out of the vicinity.

Psions also have some of the fastest melee attacks of any enemy in Story missions.

Cabal Psion

A Psion in battle.

Notable Psions[]

For a full list of Psions, please see Category:Psions.


  • Their appearance and associated Grimoire cards suggest that they may be a separate species from other Cabal troops.[2]


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