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Prowling Wolves is a world event added in Update 1.1.2. The events were removed in Update 2.0.0 in preparation for The Taken King, though the event at the Rubicon Wastes on Mars is still present.

Petra Venj gives bounties that are for killing specific Fallen Majors in certain sections of a world map (ex: killing a Wolf Baroness in the Forgotten Shore on Earth). These "events" bear similarity to the Blades of Crota introduced in The Dark Below, as they are not considered a "public event," nor are they set between specific dates. Instead, they randomly occur in specific areas in a world. The worlds involved currently are Earth, Venus, and the Moon.

These involve going up against several waves of Fallen from the House of Wolves, including Vandals, Captains, and even Servitors. Among their ranks are special Captains with the title of "Scorch Captain," for they wield, and will drop, a Scorch Cannon in combat. This weapon can then be used to decimate the remaining forces to great effect.

After two or three waves, a final one will spawn, the bounty target among them. These individuals will often have a greater damage resistance than their allies, thus preserving a Scorch Cannon until they spawn will help immensely.

When the target and all enemies brought along have been defeated, a buff called "Ether Key" will activate, lasting a minute and thirty seconds. This will spawn a loot chest in a random point in the area of the bounty. It will be illuminated by a bright green aura, allowing easier locating. Opening the chest before the buff ends will grant glimmer, a random engram of rare or legendary rank, and occasionally, a Treasure Key.

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