For the Year 1 weapon, see Praetorian Foil (Year 1).
Erase the future.
― In-game description

Praetorian Foil is a legendary fusion rifle. It can only be obtained as a loot drop during the level 30 Vault of Glass.


Praetorian Foil can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

Raid Reprise source icon Raid Reprise
This item drops in a raid.


Praetorian Foil can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

Oracle Disruptor icon Oracle Disruptor
This weapon deals bonus damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass.
Infuse perk icon Infuse
Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 1Edit

TrueSight IS icon SteadyHand IS
Stable sight.

Optimized for excellent recoil control.

TrueSight IS icon TrueSight IS
Flexible sight.

Light, with good recoil control. Strong target acquisition.

Red Dot-OES icon Red Dot-ORES
Flexible sight.

Enhances handling, range, and recoil control.

Column 2Edit

Glass Half Full icon Glass Half Full
The bottom half of each magazine causes additional damage.

Column 3Edit

Perfect Balance icon Perfect Balance
This weapon has extremely low recoil.
Accelerated Coils icon Accelerated Coils
Reduces weapon charge time in exchange for slightly decreased damage.
Send It icon Send It
Increases range and accuracy.

Harder to handle.
Decreases carried Ammo capacity.

Column 4Edit

Spray and Play icon Reactive Reload
Reloading this weapon after a kill grants a damage bonus for a short time.