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Petra serves the Queen of the Awoken, directing the allies of the Reef in the Queen's service.
― In-game description

Petra Venj is the Queen's Wrath vendor in the Vestian Outpost. She sells bounties, emblems, shaders, weapons, and jumpships.


Petra was a Corsair during the Reef Wars. Her sisters were killed in the razing of Amethyst at the hands of Drevis, Wolf Baroness. She served under Paladin Abra Zire in the Hildian Campaign and led the strike team that engaged Beltrik, the Veiled's defensive screen while Zire activated the gravity weapon Carybdis at the Fortuna Plummet. After the incarceration of Skolas in the Prison of Elders at the close of the Reef Wars, she hunted down Veliniks, the Ravenous.

At some point, she ordered an airstrike which killed nine Guardians and their Ghosts, opening a rift between the Reef and the City and causing her to fall out of the Queen's favor. She was then appointed the Queen's Emissary to the Tower, and her work greatly contributed to the friendly relations between the City and the Reef.

After the Wolves' uprising, Petra was relocated to the Vestian Outpost on the outskirts of the Reef, where she gained the title of Queen's Wrath. Along with Variks, the last member of the Fallen House of Judgment, she coordinated the Guardians' efforts to hunt down the Wolves, eventually helping them to capture Skolas and re-imprison him in the Prison of Elders.

Following Oryx's arrival in the Solar System and the subsequent devastation of the Awoken fleet, Petra offered new bounties geared towards hunting Taken targets, likely in retribution for the apparent loss of her Queen to Oryx. After the apparent death of Mara Sov, Petra Venj became acting queen of the Reef.[1]







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  • Petra was also the Queen's Emissary vendor in the Tower for the original The Queen's Wrath event.
  • It is implied that Petra was the one who shot Uldren Sov at the end of the Forsaken campaign, since the sound of the weapon that fired was not from the Ace of Spades, but from her sidearm.