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Pete parsons

Pete Parsons is a long-time Bungie executive, current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bungie,[1] and member of the Bungie Board of Directors.[2]

Parsons came to Bungie from Microsoft in 2002 as an executive producer and studio manager. After working on the hit sequels Halo 2 and Halo 3, Parsons had a brief stint as an executive producer for Microsoft before joining Bungie's spinoff from Microsoft (along with most of the rest of Bungie) to become an independent developer.[2]

While at Bungie, Parsons also co-founded a company in 2007 called Meteor Solutions which provides a variety of social marketing services to large companies like Microsoft, AT&T, and MTV Networks. As of November 2012, Parsons left Meteor Solutions to focus on Bungie full-time.[2]

Parsons is a frequent interviewee for video game news sites and other media regarding Destiny, and speaks of the company's vision for and design of the franchise.[3]


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