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Pahanin was a legendary Hunter and the only known individual to have witnessed the death of Kabr within the Vault of Glass.[1]


Pahanin took part in the Great Ahamkara Hunt, alongside Kabr and Praedyth.[2]

During their expedition into the Vault of Glass, Pahanin was present for Kabr's last rambling words and warned the Tower of the Vex plan within the Vault.[1] After his encounter with Kabr, he became terrified of traveling alone, leading him to create the machine gun Super Good Advice.[3] Pahanin was later murdered by Dredgen Yor, a renegade Titan.[4]

He is remembered through the Pahanin Errata, a collection of quotes and thoughts he wrote down before he died.[5]


  • "Your missions: protect the City. Look better than Warlocks. But don't look like you're trying."[6]
  • "If human extinction seems imminent, try to relax. You're just giving cephalopods a shot."[7]
  • "The black gloves are tough, menacing, and - I swear - make you unbeatable at Go."[8]
  • "So I ask Wei Ning: what about the Darkness itself? What then? And she says: I'll punch it too."[9]
  • "I can't shake hands with Warlocks. I just get so nervous they're going to vaporize me."[10]
  • "And of course, the siphuncle is essential. Heh. Siphuncle. What a great word."[11]