Oryx, the Taken King is a great Hive entity that the Hive worship as a god and the King of the Taken.[1] He is the final boss of the raid in The Taken King.[2]


After Guardians killed his son Crota, Oryx traveled to the Solar System on his massive Dreadnaught ship to exact his revenge.[3] Using the power of the Darkness, he created a new army called the Taken by changing and corrupting members of the Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal species.[4]By "ripping them from our dimension and sent back"


  • There are many Hive shrines across the solar system that are dedicated to Oryx.[1]
  • Oryx is the second Hive witnessed speaking English. His son, Crota, spoke a few words of it in the mission The Wakening.[5]



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