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Oryx's Basketball Court is an Easter egg in the raid King's Fall.[1] The room contains a Tomb Husk and a statue in which the Tomb Husk can be "dunked" like in a game of Basketball.[2] The room contains no additional loot.[1]


The entrance to the room is located behind a closed door in the pistons jumping puzzle area. The door is located to the right upon first entering the room.[2]

To enter the room, all six members of the fireteam must light up the six lamps in the area in the correct sequence. The lamps light up when a Guardian stands near them. The sequence will be either 165243 or 416523. The number in the sequence corresponds to the number of spikes near each lamp.[2]

Once the fireteam lights up the lamps in the correct order, a piston on the right side of the room will begin to operate. The Guardians can use the piston to launch themselves into the doorway. When one Guardian makes it inside, platforms will spawn that will lead the rest of the fireteam into the room.[2]


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