Oryx, the Taken King, born Aurash and formerly known as Auryx, was a Hive king that the Hive worshipped as a god.[1] He is the main antagonist of The Taken King and the final boss of the story mission Regicide and the raid King's Fall.[2] He was the father of Crota,[3] and Nokris.


Oryx was born as Aurash, a proto-Hive female,on the gas giant known as Fundament. She was one of three surviving daughters of the Osmium King. Her two sisters were Sathona and Xi Ro.[4]

Upon becoming King, Aurash changed her name to Auryx, which means "Long Thought."[5]

After Guardians killed his son Crota, Oryx traveled to the Solar System on his massive Dreadnaught ship to exact his revenge.[6] Using the power of the Darkness, he created a new army called the Taken by changing and corrupting members of the Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal species.[7] He was assassinated by a team of Guardians during a mission deep within his throne world inside the Dreadnaught, ending his existence forever.[8]


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  • There are many Hive shrines across the solar system that are dedicated to Oryx.[1]
  • Oryx was the second Hive witnessed speaking English,[3] and he does so fluently.



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