Ornaments are items which may be spent to change the appearance of certain pieces of gear. Similar to chroma, applying an ornament to an item may change its color, add features, or enable visual effects.


An item which may have ornaments applied to it will have one or more additional perks to the right of its main perk set. These nodes allow an appearance change to be previewed while examining the item, or made permanent and visible to others by spending the corresponding ornament to unlock it.

Each exotic weapon ornament perk may only be unlocked by a specific ornament, and each exotic ornament may only be used on a specific perk on a specific weapon. Legendary ornaments may be used on any legendary armors in certain categories.

An ornament application may be undone to restore an item's basic appearance, but the ornament spent will not be recovered.


Ornaments for exotic weapons may be obtained at random from Treasure of Ages. Xûr sells combo packs containing one exotic weapon and an ornament matched to it for Strange Coins. Additionally, specific ornaments may be purchased from a kiosk near the Eververse Trading Company vendor in the Tower for Silver Dust.

Flawless Ornaments for Trials of Osiris gear may be obtained in The Lighthouse after a flawless ticket has been completed.

Age of Triumph Ornaments for raid gear may be obtained by completing the Weekly Featured Raid or any challenges within that raid.

Days of Iron Ornaments for gear from the Rise of Iron record book may be obtained from the record book itself or from the Silver Dust kiosk.

SRL Champion's Ornaments for Sparrow Racing League gear may be obtained from the SRL event or the Silver Dust kiosk.

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