The future is what we make it.
― Slogan[1]
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Omolon is a weapons manufacturer in Destiny.[1] They are the most progressive foundry, utilizing experimental technology so unexplored that they could almost be considered irresponsible.[1] They were the first to attempt to experiment beyond conventional combustion-ballistic weaponry, eventually becoming pioneers of energy-based projectiles.[1] Unique to Omolon's weapons are a lightweight design, liquid ammunition displays, and proprietary power cells.[1]

Omolon weapons start with a high handling attribute.[1] Their talent grids deliver mainly behavioral customization rather than attribute customization and often affect the wielders themselves.[1] Omolon's legendary weapons are the only weapons that offer three behavior perks: one in the second column and two in the third column.[1]

Omolon is currently the only manufacturer of Trace rifles.


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  • The liquid color of ammunition is based on the weapon's damage type: dark blue for kinetic, orange for solar, light blue for arc, and purple for void.


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