"Indeed there will be time To wonder, 'Do I dare?' and, 'Do I dare?' Time to turn back and descend the stair."
― In-game description

Old Wolf, New Tricks was a quest in Festival of the Lost 2016. The quest could be started by talking to Tyra Karn.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon A Brilliant Idea
"Impress Saladin with your excellent taste in masks."


  1. Impress Saladin with your excellent taste in masks.
    • Speak to Saladin while wearing the Saladin Mask given by Tyra.


  1. Saladin Mask

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Find Another Audience
"An unappreciative audience. Better tell Tyra."

Objectives: Inform Tyra of the results of her experiment.

Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Deeds of Fire
"Reenact Saladin's deeds of yore while wearing his mask."


  1. 50 kills with Solar abilities
  2. 25 kills with Relic Axe

Step FourEdit

Quest step icon Triumphant Return
"Tell Tyra the tales of your valor."


  1. Frame's Honor


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