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An Ogre is a class of Hive.[1][2][3][4] It is massive in size and uses powerful melee attacks[4] and blasts of energy from its head against its enemies.[1] When its health is reduced to 50% or less, it can regenerate a small portion of its health every few seconds.


When engaging Ogres, be mindful that they have powerful attacks, making almost any position unsafe regardless of cover. At range, they will use Void blasts from their foreheads that can easily disorient and take down players. However, this spot is also the main weak point on an Ogre, and shooting there will deal critical damage. Therefore, be sure to try and get an angle off to the side, away from the main line of fire of the Ogre's energy blast to get easy shots on its forehead without it being able to keep track of you.

Close combat is ill-advised, as their powerful melee attacks will make short work of players, so always keep your distance.

Notable Ogres[]


  • Old Russia
    • Level 20: In the Grottos inside a hive and off to the side.[5]
    • Hallowed, Level 16: Beneath the two helicopters near the edge of Skywatch. A level 16 Hallowed Knight wielding a sword will replace the ogre half of the time.
  • Moon
    • Level 6: In The World's Grave.
    • Level 7: Past the Hall of Wisdom.



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