Nokris, Herald of Xol is a Hive god and the former son of Oryx, and brother to Crota. He was the leader of the Grasp of Nokris until his supposed death at the hands of the Young Wolf. Afterwards, he pledged his service to Savathûn, the Witch-Queen of the Hive. 

Biography Edit

Nokris was born shortly after Crota, and was disfavored by his father due to his physical weakness. Fortunately for Nokris, what he lacked in strength, he made up for in intellect.

In an attempt to prove himself to his father, Nokris made a plea to the Worm Gods in an attempt to gain the same power Oryx once gained from them. The Worm Gods all rejected Nokris, save for Xol, the weakest of the Worms. Nokris pledged his loyalty and service to the worm in exchange for knowledge of the Deep, as well as the power of necromancy. This enraged Oryx, as reviving the dead went directly against the Sword Logic. As a result, Oryx banished Nokris and his followers, and removed any mention of his son, except for a statue in the Dreadnaught.

Events of Destiny 2: Warmind Edit

After Nokris was exiled by his own father, he traveled to Mars and was imprisoned, along with Xol, by Rasputin shortly after their arrival. Nokris and Xol eventually both escaped and began to take over Mars in the hopes of finally destroying Rasputin. However, the Guardian stopped Nokris before he could carry out his plans. 

Events of Destiny 2: Season of ArrivalsEdit

After the deaths of Nokris and Xol, Nokris was able to escape death through the use of his Necromancy. Savathûn took notice and decided to take up a bargain with him. In exchange for teaching her his Necromancy, Nokris would learn to Take, and be bounded to Savathûn. During the Interference missions, he speaks to the Young Wolf and their Ghost as Savathûn and he attempt to halt the communications between The Darkness and the Young Wolf.

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