Draw from the Void. Light the way.
― In-game description[1]

Nightstalker is a Hunter subclass.[1] It is obtained after completing the quest The Nightstalker's Trail.

Skill TreeEdit


Spike Grenade perk icon Spike Grenade
A grenade that attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of damaging void light.
Voidwall Grenade perk icon Voidwall Grenade
A Grenade that creates a horizontal wall of burning void light.
Vortex Grenade perk icon Vortex Grenade
A grenade that creates a vortex which continually damages enemies inside the sphere.


Double Jump perk icon Double Jump
Jump a second time after leaving the ground.


Better Control perk icon Better Control
Upgrades Double Jump for better directional control while in the air.
Triple Jump perk icon Triple Jump
Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.
Higher Jump perk icon Higher Jump
Upgrades Double Jump for even greater height.

Super AbilityEdit

Shadowshot perk icon Shadowshot
Tether a large group of foes to a Void Anchor, slowing and silencing them for your fireteam.


Blood Bound perk icon Blood Bound
Tethered enemies explode when killed. Damage to tethered enemies is shared to all.
Black Hole perk icon Black Hole
The Void Anchor has increased range, lasts significantly longer, and can tether more targets.
Quiver perk icon Quiver
Fire Shadowshot up to three times. Void Anchors have reduced range.


Smoke perk icon Smoke
Throw smoke to slow and disorient those within its cloud.


Envenomed perk icon Envenomed
Adds a toxin that damages enemies within the smoke.
Vanish in Smoke perk icon Vanish in Smoke
You and allies near Smoke explosions vanish from sight.
Snare perk icon Snare
Allows smoke to stick to surfaces, detonating when enemies are near.

Class ModifiersEdit

Path Forgotten perk icon Path Forgotten
Training focused on toughness and speed.
Path Forgotten perk icon Path Forbidden
Training focused on battle recovery and speed.
Path Forgotten perk icon Path Unknown
Training focused on battle recovery and toughness.

Ability ModifiersEdit

Courage of the Pack perk icon Courage of the Pack
Killing tethered targets increases Recovery and Armor for you and nearby allies. Stacks up to 5 times.
Light of the Pack perk icon Light of the Pack
Killing tethered targets creates Orbs of Light for your allies.
Lockdown perk icon Lockdown
Grenade and Smoke effects last twice as long, allowing strong territory control.

Attribute ModifiersEdit

Way of the Drifter perk icon Way of the Drifter
Training focused on all attributes.
Way of the Drifter perk icon Way of the Fearless
Training focused on toughness at all costs.
Way of the Drifter perk icon Way of the Nomad
Training focused on maximum battle recovery.

Ability ModifiersEdit

Keen Scout perk icon Keen Scout
Sprint and Sneak faster, gain Enhanced Tracker, and ability to Mark targets you damage.
Predator perk icon Predator
The Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps that stick to surfaces and wait for prey.
Shadestep perk icon Shadestep
Press Crouch, Crouch to evade.

Subclass ArmorEdit


  • Shadestep can be used to stop homing projectiles from tracking the Nightstalker.
  • Shadestep can only be used once before a 4 second cool-down.
  • If Shadestep is performed while standing, the Nightstalker will roll backwards.
  • Keen Scout will place a marker on one target at a time, while the radar displays the marked target as a large dot instead of a wedge. If the marked target is another Guardian, that player will be notified by a debuff called "Hunted."



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