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Minotaurs are a class of the Vex species.[1] Minotaurs are larger than Goblins and Hobgoblins and can be distinguished by their massive size, broad shoulders, and three glowing eyes—one in the head and one on each shoulder.[1]

They are equipped with Torch Hammers as well as a Void shield. Like other Vex units, if their heads are shot off, they will enter a berserk state, but unlike other variants, they lack any sort of critical weakpoint.


Minotaurs have high durability, powerful weapons, and a tendency to teleport to either recharge their shields or get the drop on enemies up close. A Minotaur's shield can be prevented from recharging by removing its head, but this will also cause it to enter a berserk state and charge at its target while firing its Torch Hammer wildly.

If both you and the Minotaur are on level ground, a Guardian can crouch to completely avoid a Minotaur's melee attack, as it does not reach low enough to hit them.

Notable Minotaurs[]




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