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  • Hi Wilc0,

    We've decided on a date format for citations as [DD] [Month (Abbreviated)] [YYYY].  For example, today would be 4 Dec. 2013.  This date format was chosen to reduce reader confusion due to varying date format practices around the world. For example, in the United States (the home locations of Bungie and Activision), date format is typically MM-DD-YYYY.  In the EU and Australia, date format is typically DD-MM-YYYY. 

    To reduce potential confusion for dates (for example, 3-2-2013 could be read as either March 2, 2013 or February 3, 2013 depending on which country the reader is from), we decided to use the above format instead, which keeps the EU/Australia practice of placing the date first but replaces the number of the month with the 3- or 4-letter abbreviation.

    I'd appreciate it if you could undo the edits to citations you've made thus far. I will edit our citation policy to be more crystal clear on this point. Thanks! :-)

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    • Thank you for this heads-up, I will make sure it is correctly noted everywhere. Apologies in advance for my multi-editing

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