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  • I was born on March 17
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  • Hey I'm new so no you don't know me. But I would like to know where you are. I think I can say the same thing about a lot of other's on the Destiny Forum. If you are busy and just don't have time to come back then just let me know somehow or post something on one of the Leading RP's. I think everyone's just curious as to why you've been gone so long.

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    • I stopped playing Destiny shortly after TTK, since my stuff was obsolete and I could play barely anything with vanilla. And I haven't been in an RP since my own, because there hasn't been a good one since the first Enxor thread.

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    • k man/gir you cool. Nice to know you aren't dead. sry to bother you.

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    -turn back-

    -last chance-

    NOTE: I’m assuming that there will even more new recruits with the start of another RP, and that we will have enough guardians to form three fireteams. I not, then I will trim extra content to compensate.

    Story ideas:

    1st thread: The guardians venture to Io, and penetrate the storms orbital blockade/rubble field to establish a base of operations, and begin to realize the storms might.

    2nd thread: Three major objectives come into play, requiring three different fireteams to deal with them:

    A: The kings, holed up in a golden age airbase, likely have information on the location of the storms prime, and will not part with it willingly.

    B: The storms are using legions of human and awoken slaves to run the ancient, broken down factories that have been repurposed to produce modified exos. Freeing them would greatly reduce the rate at which the robotic soldiers pour onto the field.

    C: ??? –insert awesome idea here-

    3rd thread: Continuation of the 2nd. The guardians wrap up their objectives, and face off against the archon priest of the storms.

    4th thread: The guardians push deep into the heart of the storms stronghold, and take down Elkris prime, ending the threat of the storm invasion.

    New enemies:

    Command servitor: A special model of servitor modified and produced to control the storm exos.

    Features: Multiple control spikes and antenna sticking out from their hulls that allow them to directly order around a group of exos, and a void shield for extra resilience.

    Storm exos: Mass produced foot soldiers. The bulk of the storms massive army.

    Features: A fusion of human and fallen tech. They have two arms and four to eight eye sensors, as well as antenna and fallen plating in their designs. They have armour built into their form, typically equivalent to that of a vandal, and wield a variety of weapons as the situation demands. They are the product of incomplete designs patched together with fallen tech. Thusly; they have no free will or personality. While they are able to make tactical decisions on their own to a limited degree, Most of their advanced problem solving and combat capability comes from the will of Elkris prime, channeled through nearby command servitors.

    Shrapnel walker/Wire walker: Fallen walkers armed with lethal anti-infantry or anti- armour weapons.

    Features: See weapons.

    Gunskiff: A heavily armoured and armed air support vehicle.

    Features: Heavy armour plating, and six turret mounted scorch cannons in place of the front two turrets and the troop hatches.

    Other stuff: -insert awesome idea here-

    New weapons:

    Shock blastgun: A cut down, streamlined, singular version of a skiff turret refitted to rifle size. The shock blastgun packs a hefty punch for a weapon of its size.

    Concept: Just think the concussion rifle from halo with a little less fire rate and a little more power.

    Shock repeater: Built off the housing of the scorch cannon design, the six barreled shock repeater allows its bearer to lay down a withering hail of fast, non-tracking arc bolts at whatever displeases them.

    Concept: An over-the-shoulder style shock Gatling gun.

    Scorch grenade: A single use scorch charge used for clearing cover/demolitions.

    Concept: Self-explanatory.

    Shrapnel cannon: Up scaled from the technology used in shrapnel launchers, the shrapnel cannon was designed with one goal in mind: to obliterate any infantry in front of it. While it excels in this respect, with only cabal colossi, vex hydras, and hive ogres being able to withstand a direct shot from inside the kill zone, it does little against heavy armour such as goliath tanks and other walkers. It also suffers from extreme overheating issues, relying on a pair of exposed, lightly armoured vents on the back of the turret to keep the barrel from melting after each shot.

    Concept: A heavy grade anti-infantry weapon designed for wiping out swaths of infantry at a time.

    Wire cannon: Up scaled from the technology used in wire rifles, the wire cannon is used for eliminating enemy armour at range, as well as toppling walls such as those of the city by punching through the outer armour and destroying the interior supports. Unfortunately, it is slow and cumbersome to bring to bear at close range.

    Concept: A long range anti-armour/siege weapon.

    Other stuff: -insert awesome idea here-

    New characters/bosses:

    Elkris prime: final boss for all guardians

    Srivikiss, archon priest of storms: late story boss for all guardians

    Krisiss, storm archon: mid story boss for one fireteam

    Kahniss, storm baron: up to you, probably mid story boss for one fireteam

    Dravor, king baron: mid story boss for one fireteam

    Vorrin, devil baron: early story boss for one fireteam

    Possibly a fallen mercenary on par with Taniks the scarred, who would be played by a friend of mine.

    NOTE: Bios and equipment for each of them (Save Kahniss and the unconfirmed merc) shall follow shortly.

    OTHER NOTE: Please tell me what you think/if anything is OP/etc. And please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for the forge moon with me. As you can see, my plan is not yet complete. Thanks.

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  • After House of Storms, will you be posting any other RPs? I would like to see those.

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  • Can you provide me with a basic synopsis of every House of Storms "mission" thus far? I would like to add my own ideas, but the amount of information here is a bit overwhelming. Thank you!

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    • That's it.

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    • oh, cool. Better start reading!

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  • WARNING: If you are in the House of storm RP, and are not Vessel, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!

    -Turn back now-

    -no exceptions-

    -last chance-

    Vessel: A great Idea has just been formed! Tell me what you think.

    1) The guardians decrypt the vex mind core and dicover that...

    2) The vex are holding a corrupted and almost dead warmind prisoner In a citadel to the south, who leads them to...

    3) The swords, where they find out that Kahniss has already taken the blueprints to...

    4) His ketch where they face off against the baron, and are forced to destroy the blurprints as overwhelming reinforcements are closing in.

    In between these, there would be other bits of course, but as far as main storyline goes tell me what you think.

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    • I have a plan for the Exo, but the rest is good.

      People have a habit of leaving messages beginning like that, concerning RPs. Heh.

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    • Thanks, feel free to introduce the stages of whatever you like as you feel fit. I'd do it myself but, 1) your gamemaster and 2) I'm a tad too busy trying to murder the guardians to steer them along.

      Oh, and I stole the beginning format from something I saw on halo nation.

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  • Wondering if we can join into the RP threads that we see. Getting too curious about these, and we'd like to join in on it. Is it okay if we fill out an application?

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    • Certainly!

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    • Well, here you go!

      Name: Lusa

      Race: Awoken

      Gender: Male

      Sub/class: Warlock, Voidwalker (Scatter Grenade, Focused Burst, Shatter, Life Steal, Arcane Spirit, Annihilate, Divine Order, Bloom)

      Appearance: Blue-white skin color, blue eyes. Has a dragon mark under his right eye.

      Weapons: Fatebringer, Murmur/LDR 5001 (Void), Deviant Gravity-A (Arc)/One Way Ticket 000 (Arc); All Fully Upgraded

      Armour: Deathsinger's Gaze, Deathsinger's Grips, Voidfang Vestments, Iron Regalia Boots (All Fully Upgraded)

      Shader: Frostfire

      Jumpship: "Ketch Me If You Can"

      Ghost Name: Star

      Bio: A highly trained Warlock, Lusa is more of a lone spellcaster. Having seen the dangers of the Vault of Glass and the Son of Oryx himself, he constantly practices his own skills by running Strikes for the Vanguard. He's mostly aligned with the Vanguard and Future War Cult. Rumors spread around him: Some see him with Thorn in his holster, or occasionally The Last Word and even Hawkmoon. They say he keeps an Ice Breaker stored away when he needs it, and he holds Toland's legacy with Bad Juju. He disregards most of these claims, saying he's just a talented Guardian. Recent Vanguard reports lead him to an unknown destination, and he wonders what he'll find.

      Also, if you don't mind, can we have a summary of what's going on?

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    • The Fallen House of Storms was searching Europa, trying to find the plans where the Exo technology was created, to use them against the City. A team of Guardians was sent there, and after fighting both Vex - the Gallium Offensive - and Hive - the Bones of Enxor - they met the House of Flames, a Fallen House declaring itself, and many other Houses,  against the Storms.

      Shortly after, a Vanguard Titan known as Avgust joined the Guardians. A Guardian's Jumpship was reported to have crashed, and the source was unknown - it was revealed, however, that the Cabal "Frost Hammer" legion is on Europa too, with Psions ready to uncover the mysterious tech that lies under the ice of Europa. Tensions both between the Flames and the Guardians are running high, especially after Avgust killed many after first landing.

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  • Are you still taking applications and such? Been looking for a Destiny RP for a while now. I'm more used to forum boards than...well this, but I think I can adapt quickly enough haha.

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    • Of course! Once you post your sheet, and find a way to join (not "<Sigillum> appeared, joining the group"), you're all set.

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    • Ha. Roger dodger. Can I get a quick synopsis on what I've missed so far?

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    • There was Fallen activity on Europa, which, being, during the Golden Age, a centre of technological advancement, had the buildings where the Exo, among other things, was developed. Shadow, Arxus and some others went to Europa, and fought the Fallen House of Storms, the Hive Bones of Enxor, and the Vex Gallium Offensive. The Guardians met another House, the House of Flames, who revealed that they were trying to stop the Storms, whose goal was also to become rulers of all Fallen. Meanwhile, a Vanguard Titan, Avgust, was sent to Europa, and assisted them, and is with the group.

      The Fallen are played by me and Contributor 107, who have Noble Baron Kahniss, and Archon Priest Rhall, respectively. Rhall has a helmet made by Servitors which allows him to take control of Vex units, and thus has a Minotaur bodyguard. Stalker, an Exo like the Stranger, made a deal with these Fallen to help kill the Guardians, not knowing that after that he is useless.

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    • Very nice. I will have my character up by tomorrow night.

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  • I've RP'ed for quite a while on the TES wiki; I'd like to see what I can do with Destiny.

    Char. card:

    Name: Shadow 55-70

    Subclass: Walock, Voidwalker

    Weapons: Mida Multi-Tool, Prost FR2

    Armor: Exodus Hood, Voidfang Vestments, Exodus Gloves, Exodus Boots, Fragment of the Prime

    Shader: God of War

    Appearance: Black 'skin' with dark red eyes, a small red tribal design around the right eye 

    Jumpship: Self modified Phaeston-class ship, recolored pitch-black

    Bio: If he were not born of light, Shadow 55-70 would have been born of Darkness. Ever since his rebirth, he has been somewhat unstable and generally difficult to work with. He would have been exiled due to his unpredictable and violent nature, if he were not such a ferocious fighter. He was made very well aware of that, which pushed him to join Dead Orbit, the organization of exiles. Sent to retrieve the coordinates of Europa by his superiors, and by his peers who would rather him be on a moon of Jupiter than anywhere on Earth, Shadow 55-70 intends to not only push the Fallen back from the cities on Europa, but off of the moon entirely. Mayhaps he'd even find traces of his past, and that of the Exo, on the abandoned moon.

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    • Simple: find the forum board you want to post on (if it's an RP, probably Fun and games) and press "what do you want to talk about?" at the top. There hasn't been a good RP for months though.

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    • hmmm... Thanks! Lets see how this goes (probably horribly)

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