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  • Hello! Welcome to Destiny Wiki!

    Thanks for your overhaul to the Golden Age article. It's good work and much appreciated!

    I wanted to come by and share a few tips with you to help you as you go:

    • You've done a great job with citing your work, but keep in mind that theories and speculation are not allowed on the wiki (see our Manual of Style).
    • Please avoid making multiple edits (3+) in a short period of time. This can clog up an article's edit history, making revisions difficult to track. Use the "Preview" button to see what the page looks like before you save it. For major changes and additions, consider writing everything in a word processing program (such as Word or Notepad) and then copy-pasting it into the wiki editor when you are finished.
    • The sections on the Vex and various technologies would be better suited on their respective pages.
    • You can use the {{Stub}} and {{Expand}} templates to indicate that an article or section can be expanded on. If you need to write notes for the community to see, you can write in the article's talk page. Writing notes directly on a page can look unprofessional.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    • Don't worry; anything you previously wrote is still in the article's edit history (here). Anything I removed, you can find there.

      Another thing you can do to keep your work saved without putting the official article in an unpolished state is create a sub-user page, such as User:SpacialSnowflake/Golden Age. You can do whatever you want in user pages and ask for feedback while it's still being worked on. Once it's finished, you can just copy everything over to the main article.

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    • OK thanks for the info I will probably do that then.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi SpacialSnowflake,

    Thanks for your edit overhaul of the Golden Age article. One thing I'll point out though is that in one of your edits you deleted the language links;

    [[es:Edad de Oro]][[cy:Golden Age]][[ja:黄金時代]]

    from the article.

    These language links allow visitors to go to the equivalent page on the Destiny Wiki's for other languages. I know they tend to resemble clutter (and honestly, I think Wikia should have a better system for this to begin with) but they shouldn't be deleted, unless there is no article at the given link or the Wiki no longer exists.

    --Silicon Soldier

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    • Ok, I thought I might have done something wrong. Thanks for pointing it out, hopefully I can avoid doing in the future now that I know.

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    • A FANDOM user
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