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  • Please refrain from adding species, such as Hive, Fallen, etc., as categories under characters and enemies.

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  • Sorry, Fandom's website is not functioning correctly, so it might not say this account is blocked or provide any details about the block, but this was the summary of it:

    Other account name is Skrill12012. Please read our policy on multiple accounts. Also, please take a look at our manual of style before adding or editing pages since most of your edits do not meet Destiny Wiki's expectations.

    You were technically blocked for two reasons: (1) your edits/additions failed to meet our wiki's expected standards and (2) you were using another account on the wiki.

    (1) I noticed that a sizable quantity of your edits were extremely low quality in the sense that you just changed the wording of sentences, created run-on sentences, rearranged content in a discontinuous flow, or altered the information of a page in a way that the information is perceived differently. Here is one example of an unnecessary edit to a page. You also keep changing the plural forms of linked pages when they were fine as they were, such as this one, where you changed [[Servitor]]s to [[Servitor|Servitors]], and again here with [[Ghost]]s.

    (2) Our policy states that only one account is permitted per user. We're pretty strict on that policy.

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    • I am sorry for my errors, I did not fully understand the editing rules.  The reason that I created a second account, Skrill12012, was because I was out of town and could not remember my password, so I created another account, unaware that that is not allowed.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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