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  • I've decided to start playing Destiny again after having a break from it for over a month. I didn't intend to leave the game and the wiki for that long, but I suppose it happens. This means that i'll be regularly uploading new location images for articles that need them. If anyone has any suggestions on what locations to capture then please let me know :)

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  • Keep in mind that if you upload an image that has the same name as another image, it will upload the new image in place of the old one, so you will lose the old image. I went ahead and re-uploaded your images that were overwritten, but be sure to name your images uniquely from now on (e.g. ImageName1.jpg, ImageName2.jpg).

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    • Thanks for that, I'll try and give them unique names so that they aren't lost in the future. If you can't replace an image that's been overwritten just let me know and i'll re-upload a backup of it :). Also I've been wondering, should I keep using 'Bungie' as the image copyright holder or simply put my name? I've been taking the images in-game, not copying them from websites if that helps. 

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    • Its an image of Bungie's work, so the copyright holder for the image is still Bungie.

      And thanks for taking the time to get screenshots from in-game, as opposed to just copying from another site. Its a good practise from an ethical point of view, discourages copy-pasting of article content from other wikis, and raises article quality in general.

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    • No worries, the game is just so beautiful I can't help but screenshot it. Also the copyright idea makes sence as everything in the image is made by Bungie. Thanks for explaining this and if you have any suggestions for places that really need screenshots then please let me know!

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    • Yeah, Bungie nailed a lot of the scenery in Destiny. If I spot any specific location articles that need some images, I'll let you know.

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