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  • Hello Avizyko! I know you're new here, but I just wanted to let you know about our image policy. Basically, any images uploaded to the site must have a proper filename and the {{Image summary}} must be file out after any upload. This is just put in place so that the images we host here are kept ... um, organized.

    Anyways, thanks for your edits!

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    • Thank you for the notice! I have a question though, I uploaded an image of a chest to the Loot Chest page I just created, but I do not own the picture. Is this okay or do I need to take it down?

      No problem, I enjoy adding to Destinypedia!

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    • Okay, so from what ever site you got that image from, you need to copy that page's specific url and paste it into the "Source" field within the Image summary template. It doesn't need to be taken down unless it has a source and is in use.

      I've created a mock up below, so now all you have to do is add the url to the "Source" field, and copy this onto the file's page.

      {{Image summary
      |description= Loot chest
      |holder= [[Bungie]]
      |license= {{Fair Use}}
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    • I hope I did it correctly, I used the Ghost's image page as an example to help me understand. If Reddit is an unacceptable source, I will find a new image to upload and add the correct information to it. Thank you for the template, I hope to become more familiar with how things work in wikis.

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