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Spinmetal leaves, a type of material found in Old Russia.

A material is an item that can be obtained by players either randomly in certain locations or by breaking down other items such as weapons and armor.[1] Materials can be bought from vendors in the Tower for Glimmer or Legendary Marks. Resources will stack up to 200 times; the number of stacks is limited only by the player's inventory space.

Destiny MaterialsEdit

Ascendant MaterialsEdit

Ascendant materials are used to upgrade Year 1 Vault of Glass gear. They can be obtained as drops from the Vault of Glass or by breaking down Vault of Glass gear.

Dismantle MaterialsEdit

These materials can be obtained by dismantling equipment. They are used in upgrading all rarities of weapons and armor.

Upgrade MaterialsEdit

  • Etheric Light is used to ascend legendary weapons and armor to the highest Attack and Light levels available in Year 1.
  • Exotic Shards are used to upgrade or ascend exotic weapons and armor. They can be obtained from dismantling exotic gear or purchased from Xûr when he is in the Tower.

Radiant MaterialsEdit

Radiant materials are used to upgrade weapons and armor obtained from the Crota's End raid in The Dark Below.[2] They can be obtained during the raid and from dismantling gear obtained in the raid.[2]

The Dark Below MaterialsEdit

These materials are used to upgrade weapons that were added in The Dark Below.

The Taken King MaterialsEdit

These materials were introduced in The Taken King and are used to upgrade new items.


Resources are used to upgrade Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor. Resources can be harvested or collected from loot chests in public areas. They can be obtained from completing Patrol bounties or opening Judgment's Grant packages. They can also be purchased from Roni 55-30 for Legendary Marks at a rate of 10 Marks for 20 resources.

Destiny 2 MaterialsEdit

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