Malok, Pride of Oryx is a Taken Knight (formerly Hive) and the boss for the Blighted Chalice strike.[1] He is the son of the Witch-Queen Savathun and, after the death of Oryx, became one of the main potential successors to Oryx' then vacant position as the Taken King. Malok was killed by the very same Guardian who slew Oryx, alongside their fireteam of two other Guardians. He also served as the main antagonist of Destiny Update 2.2.0.

Combat Edit

In combat, Malok uses a Boomer and a variety of abilities, including:

  • Fist of Darkness
  • Shadow Touched
  • Summon Taken Blights
  • Burn
  • Axion Darts

Trivia Edit

  • According to Eris Morn, he often made offerings of Light to Oryx.[2]


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