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Anomaly 779 (Never-Be)

Skyscape fresco of smart crystals and pigments in a ceiling of Vestan plaster and diamond ribbing.

Apparent size: 14.4 x 3.55 x .022 meters

Participants witness images set in an undetermined orbital habit. 5 to 77 images are generated per participant. The quantity seems insensitive to the participant's time of exposure.

Participants experience strong intuitions. Modal self-reports include:

An electric sense of belonging to a cause.

The intuition that a pivotal truth is about to be delivered.

A persistent foreboding that lingers for days to years.

Amorphous grief.

Agape love.

Outlier reports include the hum of wind, the scent of lilacs, changes in apparent gravity, the ability to sing perfectly, and the perception of flesh as transparent.

One corner was damaged during the move to the present location, affording a glimpse into the work's interior. Key materials have not been identified, but there is evidence that the fresco ties into quantum computers set in a parallel dimension or on a distant world.

The work appears to be unfinished.