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/ What was that?

/ Nothing. We're secure.

/ We'd better be.

/ Calm down. Whole district's been deserted ever since the Gap. Nobody's here.

/ Except us. Why'd he make us come out here?

/ Secrecy. I don’t know. He's our man on the inside; so we humor him. It's just the quiet making you jump. Help me get this screen set up?

/ It feels criminal.

/ I got word from the Consensus says it's not.

/ You know what I mean. Maybe it's not against any law. But it's messing with the Tower. It feels -

/ Dangerous?

/ Wrong.

/ So go home.

/ Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? You take the credit, get promoted to Division Head, I'm stuck -

/ So stay. OK. Think it's working now.

/ Nothing on screen. Do we have a signal?

/ No. Sha - the contact said at 6 sharp.

/ Then he's late. If he dragged us out here for nothing -

/ Yeah? What are you going to do to him, exactly?

/ Let's just -

/ We have a signal! OK, here it comes.

/ Static.

/ There -

/ That's not -

/ You're not Sha -

/ 99-40. Arcite. Are you Modris Wyndham and Sya Droysen, of the Tex Mechanica Foundry West District?

/ Yes -

/ My owner has instructed me to give you the following message: I don't have time for lowlife dregs like you. You disgust me.

/ But -

/ My owner has instructed me to continue: Sit down and let the frame talk. I know your type. City bigshots. You can show some damn -

/ Listen -

/ respect. Now listen. I got your message. The answer is no. I'm -

/ But -

/ not going to fix Crucible fights for you idiots just to make your Tex Mechanica junk look good. Do you -

/ Now I wouldn't put it quite like that -

/ think you're the first dregs dumb enough to try to buy me? Why do you people think you can buy me? Don't I have an honest face? Do I look like I need your money? The Crucible is sacred, that's what you people don't understand, like you think it's a game. Now -

/ Damn.

/ this is the part where you start blustering at my little buddy here and telling him it's all legal down in the City, just business, just sponsorship. So listen: I can have ten Titans crashing through your ceiling any time I like and you can tell them it's just business.

/ Damn.

/ Or we can talk about how you're going to make this up to me.

/ Ah.

/ My little buddy's listening. Make him an offer.