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A Legionary is a standard infantry class unit of the Cabal species.[1] They are heavily armored, well-trained infantry and are normally deployed with Phalanxes and led by a Centurion. They are very versed in tactics, and are outfitted with jump packs to maneuver quickly around the battlefield.


Legionaries are aggressive, armored, and deadly, and should be treated as such. They usually come armed with the Cabal standard-issue Slug Rifle, but some of them have access to the Projection Rifle, thus receiving a straight upgrade in weaponry. They are the grunts of the Cabal, but are still a threat, especially when supported by Centurions and Phalanxes. They are not a massive threat, but are still advisable to eliminate first, as the sheer weight of firepower they lay down when in a large group will kill inexperienced Guardians with ease. Well-placed headshots will easily kill them.


  • Elite Legionary
  • Fleet Legionary
  • Imperial Legionary
  • Line Legionary (Patrol Mission on Mars)
  • Scout Legionary (Patrol Mission on Mars)