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Remnants of powerful items. Used to improve gear or trade for other items.
― In-game description

Legendary Shards is a basic currency in Destiny 2.


This table lists possible methods of obtaining legendary shards in addition to their quantities:

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Quantity Source
1 Dismantling a legendary shader or mod. (Note: This does not apply to shaders that can be acquired through Bright Dust or Silver purchases.)
Exchanging 5000 Glimmer or 10 of a planet-exclusive resource with the Spider.
3 Dismantling a legendary weapon or armor piece
5 Dismantling an exotic weapon or armor piece
5 Dismantling fully masterworked legendary weapons and armor
??? Ranking up with an applicable vendor or faction.


This currency has a wide variety of uses that include the following:

  • Infusing rare and higher tier gear to boost its Power level.
  • Upgrading legendary and higher tier weapons into masterworks.
  • Purchasing previously acquired or unlocked items and gear from Collections.
  • Exchanging for various resources and Enhancement Cores with the Spider in the Tangled Shore.
  • Purchasing inventory from Xûr and other various vendors throughout the game.


  • This currency is tied to all characters on a player's account.


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