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"In the Cabal legend, a hero seeks to possess the sun. He succeeds. Then, he becomes Emperor. The Cabal… are not a subtle people." —Tyra Karn
― In-game description

Legend of Acrius is an exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, and Legendary Shards.


This weapon has the following lore associated:

That really is the entire myth. A Cabal named Acrius desires the sun, and he takes it and becomes the first Emperor of the Cabal. Other scholars have already noted the parallels and differences with our own ancient Earth myth of Icarus, which famously has a far more humbling ending. I am more interested in how Cabal leaders throughout history have deployed this legend as a rhetorical and political justification for conquest. Among the most relevant such figures is Dominus Ghaul himself, who appears to have a personal affinity for the Acrius myth.

I must also note here that, while linguistic analysis of the Cabal language and its many dialects is incomplete, they do not appear to have a word for the concept of “hubris.”
—Research notes of Tyra Karn


Legend of Acrius is obtained by completing the World Eater questline. Which includes the following steps:

1. Kill Cabal until you obtain the On the Comms quest item.
2. Return to Nessus and recover communication ciphers from Red Legion troops. Kill Cabal until they drop these items.
3. Complete the Leviathan raid.
4. Complete Strike Quest: The Arms Dealer in EDZ. The strike will have a recommended light level 300 and have an attached time limit.
5. Speak to Benedict 99-40 and receive Legend of Acrius.


Legend of Acrius can also be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0[]

Shock Blast perk icon.png Shock Blast
This weapon fires blasts of high-damage Arc energy that overpenetrates enemies.

Column 1[]

Full Bore perk icon.png Full Bore Rifling
Barrel optimized for distance.
  • Greatly increases range
  • Decreases stability
  • Slightly decreases handling speed

Column 2[]

Accurized Rounds perk icon.png Accurized Rounds
This weapon can fire longer distances.
  • Increases range.

Column 3[]

Long March perk icon.png Long March
Detect enemies on your radar from farther away.

Column 4[]

Fitted Stock perk icon.png Fitted Stock
Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.

Column 5[]

Default Ornament perk icon.png Default Ornament
Restores your weapon to its default appearance.
The Emperors Pleasure perk icon.jpg The Emperor's Pleasure
Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of Legend of Acrius.