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Knight DPV

A Hive Knight.

Knights are a class of the Hive species.[1] Knights provide support to Acolytes in battle, often wielding massive Cleavers or Boomers, or rarely, Shredders.[1][2] They can also summon a Wall of Darkness, an impenetrable shield of pitch-black energy, in front of them. The Wall of Darkness regenerates a small portion of their health and protects them from frontal damage, but renders them immobile.


Knights generally take specific roles depending on the weapon they wield. If they use Cleavers, then a Knight will charge forward if within a reasonable distance from enemies for some melee attacks, but will seek cover if the enemy is too far away. Thus, if facing Cleaver-wielders, it's best to go for a long-range approach to try to defeat them before they can find cover.

If utilizing Boomers, they act as long-range support, raining heavy blasts from afar that can arc over cover. When facing these Knights, distance is still a viable option, though do be aware that they can still hit you, even if you take cover. In these situations, mobility is key, as being quick on your feet will throw off its ability to keep track of you whilst firing away. However, close combat isn't a walk in the park either, as they will simply fire at close ranges. Also, Boomer Knights may sometimes "berserk" with a emission of red energy, regenerating a small amount of health and charging at you for a weapon bash.

A Knight's Wall of Darkness can be destroyed with enough damage, though the amount of damage inflicted must be instantaneous to do so. It should also be noted that only Boomer or Shredder Knights can deploy the Wall of Darkness. That being said, some Boomer Knights, particularly those on high, cramped platforms, are not able to deploy their shield.

Notable Knights[]




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