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Kaliks Reborn is an ultra Servitor from the House of Wolves. It is the final boss of the Prison of Elders challenge Machine Wrath.


Kaliks Reborn was built from the parts of lesser Servitors.[1] Its servants are so loyal to the lost Kaliks Prime that they willingly give all their ether to fuel the prime servitor.[1] It is seen by its followers as the resurrection of Kaliks Prime.[1] With Kaliks, the House of Wolves may gain new strength, or a new house may rise.[1]


During the fight, Kaliks Reborn behaves like a normal Servitor, firing its Void eye blast and teleporting around the arena. It will actively pursue players around the arena to line up shots with its main weapon. When Kaliks Reborn has lost 25% of its health, a message will appear: "Kaliks summons his archons." At this point, a group of Dreg Majors will be summoned, named Archon Servants. Archon Servants are very resilient to damage and can kill a Guardian quickly. After approximately 30 seconds, another message will appear: "Kaliks Reborn gorges on ether." Any Archon Servants still alive will be sacrificed to Kaliks, and in doing so, he will regain health. This repeats when Kaliks have lost 50% and 75% of its health. At 50%, a Reaver Captain will spawn alongside the Archon Servants. If this Captain is not killed before it reaches its destination, the round will restart.


  • At the start of the fight, a group of Archon Servants will spawn, even though Kaliks has not taken any damage. Guardians can use this opportunity to eliminate any extra enemies that may have spawned.
  • Kaliks' health is very low, so it is possible to employ a burn strategy and kill him before he can regain health.
  • If the whole fireteam consistently fires at Kaliks as he begins "gorging on ether," Kaliks' health regeneration will be negated. This is because you are dealing more damage than Kaliks is healing. However, this tactic could be considered a waste of ammo, and should only be used if the team has failed in killing the majority of the Archon Servants.


  • Even though Kaliks Reborn comes from the House of Wolves, when killed by it, Kaliks Reborn will show up as "House of Devils" on the death screen.


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