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Kaliks-12 is a Fallen Servitor Major of the House of Wolves who could be found in Skywatch, Old Russia, Earth. He was the target of a bounty in The Queen's Wrath that was available on day 2.


Not much is recorded of Kaliks-12's actions during the Reef Wars, but what is known is that it was the High Servitor of Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed. In Skolas final, desperate assault on Cybele's military fortress, Skriviks and Kaliks-12 took a major part. However, due to Variks revealing Skolas' plans to the Queen, the Royal Armada led by all four of the Armada Paladins ambushed Skolas' Ketch fleet just after the Wolves had arrived at Cybele. Kaliks-12 and its master attempted to flee the might of the Armada, but before they could escape, Abra Zire had hunted them down. Together with Skolas and the other Wolf leaders, Skriviks and Kaliks-12 was cast into the Prison of Elders.[1]