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Guardian jumpships.

Jumpships are a type of transportation used in Destiny to transport Guardians to locations throughout the solar system. Players can purchase their own jumpships.[1][2]

In the Tower, players can visit the hangar containing their jumpship.[1][2] Players can also see their jumpships during their arrival into public spaces such as the Tower and in loading screens while traveling to different locations.[3]

In Destiny, the player receives their first jumpship during the mission A Guardian Rises. It lacks a warp drive, however, and suffers from limited range until one is found during the mission Restoration.


  • When discussing spaceships in Destiny, Joe Staten explained that because Jason Jones was a higher-level player, he had access to better gear, including an impressive sleek, black spaceship that makes Staten’s smaller, simpler vessel look like, in his own joking words, a "Space Corolla."[1]
  • Until the Destiny First Look Alpha, jumpships were known as "spaceships."


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