Yours...not mine.
― Jaren Ward to Magistrate Loken[1]

Jaren Ward was a Hunter who lived during the Dark Age and was the original owner of The Last Word.

Biography Edit

At one point, Jaren Ward visited the settlement of Palamon, outside the walls of the City. There he met Shin Malphur, who would later describe him as "a light"[2] and his third father figure of sorts.[3] The entire town turned out to greet him, but young Shin was more excited and curious than most. At that point, Jaren offered his hand cannon to him.

At one point after the destruction of Palamon, Jaren, Shin, and seven others set out to track down Dredgen Yor. They tracked him for at least a week without a sign of their quarry, but then disaster struck. Three members of their party were killed, and Jaren left the group. In the night, they heard the familiar gunshots of The Last Word, followed by a single shot from another gun. After his apparent death, his Ghost returned and scanned Shin, then spoke to him.[4]


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